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Taste, style, professionalism

When experience has its weight

Distance isn’t a limit when there is experience

We will think about it all. We will think about it even if there is distance between us: we have had many couples to assist in their bureaucratic issues, including the marriage certificate of both bride and groom. Civil, religious and symbolic ceremonies can be celebrated in symbolic and historic buildings and churches of Naples and Campania, among the splendid scenery of the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast.

You won’t have to do many things. You only have one thing left to do: choose us.

Vaniglia & Cannella Wedding Planner Agency has been a turning point since 2007 for brides and grooms that wanted to celebrate their dream in our beloved Campania, in our beautiful country, in our open-air office. We manage from the concierge service (including the transfer, the hotel…) to the selection and choice of suppliers, to the location, and even the organisation of the wedding itself.

Distance wedding with Vaniglia & Cannella

The aim of our job is to create the ceremony of your dreams by ensuring you to enjoy every moment, both as the date approaches and during the big day itself. We take care of all the relations with our suppliers, guaranteeing professionalism and choosing the most suitable style for the event, and thanks to a professional team we try to create an event that you will be able to experience and remember with joy forever. 

(How it works) The Vaniglia & Cannella recipe

We become familiar with whatever the story between bride and groom is.

We pay attention to money requirement and style exigence, as well as whatever is desired for the event.

We create the perfect formula for your wedding.

We plan invitations and communications.

We organise scenography, lights, sound, location, entertainment, catering, menu, and whatever is needed from the couple to have an impeccable event.


(Values) We prepare impeccable events

We put heart and soul into the creativity required to create the event and all of the passion we have collected through our experience. We imagine the atmosphere you desire and we try to create it to offer the bride and the groom and their guests a real sensorial experience, a real journey which makes you feel emotionally involved and excited.

fulvia sebastiano _ founder

Knowing your story is important. So, I will tell you mine

I was born in Pavia but I am a Neapolitan adopted: art, history, landscapes, the beauty of the city itself have made me fall in love with Naples and all of the areas around, that today I feel like my hometown.

Surrounded by so many beauties, and living nearby the main exciting and evocative areas of Campania such as Naples, Sorrento and Amalfi, and the whole coast, I thought it could have been fantastic to let other people discover and know about these amazing beauties. Not only for the people living in Italy, but especially for those living abroad. And so, it all has started since 2007 the project of my agency: Vanilla and Cinnamon (Vaniglia & Cannella). 

Organising weddings is an activity that pushes you to always have new challenges as well as satisfactions: every project, unique and personalised, must have a concrete part to ensure the possibility to be realised, but also a romantic part and also a great inventiveness: this is not only the way I conceive the job itself, but also the adjectives that best describe me.

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